Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cubby House cuteness ..

..if there is such a phrase it is ! Recycled Wood Cubby House : )) Its not only cute, its recycled . I found this via Penny Eager's blog  ...thanks Penny :)

OMG , my kids would go nuts if they had it ..heck I would love to have a go at it :) That's the insane kid in me speaking .

So cute, that I had to share right away . enjoy :)

Images via The happy home

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carrot Cake

With my little boy in school , I am faced with the dilemma of what give for his lunch/ recess. I try to make it healthy , something that he will eat and he needs that extra pick-me- up, every once in a while. I gave him some sliced cucumbers one day for his snack. He bought it back home, thinking it was zucchini . He bought back water melon the other day , because his friend told him it would make him go to the bathroom a lot ! sheesh .. It irks me that have no control over these things ! Its funny too, but I'd like him to eat well when he is at school.

A sure fire winner is veggie/ fruit infused baked items . He has always loved banana bread . I try and give him different kinds of breads that he can eat for his snack . We have had good luck with zucchini bread earlier. This week's winner is Carrot Cake . I baked in a bread loaf pan . He had a bit for breakfast and announced that its his favorite food in the world :)

Image via allrecipes

I got this recipe from All recipes . We had it without the cream cheese frosting. Even so, it is one of the most moist breads that I have baked. Super soft and delicious. With carrots  in there, it makes me happy that it has a healthy touch to it ;-) He is happy because he loves it.

Sure enough, his box was empty yesterday :-)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Time for Hollywood news

I watch Ellen from time to time. I was glad I caught it while it was on yesterday. She had Jennifer Hudson in her show yesterday - and boy- does she look good ! I have always liked Jennifer Hudson for her singing ability and her confidence. I loved her small but expressive role in Sex and the City as Carrie's assistant - Louise - the girl who believes in love .
Image via Kiss 92.5
I was completely and pleasantly surprised by how much weight she has lost . She went from a US size 16 to US size 6 ! Thats tiny :) And she said she likes it better because the 'clothes are lot more fun' ! Her weight loss journey wasn't overnight .. I believe she did over time and AFTER the birth of her son.
Image via Today
I love it .. the new healthy , suave , svelte Jennifer Hudson is inspirational to me - since I'm still trying to shake off some of the weight from 2 years ago after my daughter was born !

But , this is Jennifer Hudson's moment , don't you agree ? 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's day finds - spin around the world - architecturally speaking .

Image via TeroldegoAndTomatoesore
Wishing all my readers a very Happy Valentine's day ! Fill your day with joy , hope and love . Enjoy these lovely finds ...well, the first below one is mine ! I like it simply because it reminds me of my husband and me enjoying Paris about 7 years ago . I plan to make a Venice themed illustration , soon . My hubby and I soooo want to go back to Venice as well...
Here are some architectural themed romantic items for Valentine's day ...enjoy !! 

Image via Doodle Kreations

Image via Shyama

Image via Borettoart

Image via artsharkdesigns

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Many thanks !

Recently I won a free ad space at Creativity Unmasked . I want to convey my heartfelt thanks to Laura who makes a genuine effort to support handmade businesses .

For those of you , who aren't familiar with Laura, she is super talented - check out her beady creations at
Moags and Smeet . As if one blog wasn't enough, she has spread her wings this year to start two more !
Her first  blog is Moags and Smeet  documenting her business and beady obsessions ! By the way, this blog is one of my favorites and I had posted about it here

Image via Moags and Smeet 

This year , we see her supporting creative endeavors at  Creativity Unmasked.

She also has a green side to her and you can read all about it at Green in Real Life .

Its nice how bloggers help one another and it really helps building relationships. I wish Laura continued success and thank her for her support. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Colour Inspiration for this week

Calling all color lovers :) A few weeks ago, I introduced you to Design Seeds in this post . I know many of you liked it , and why not ?!

I have another inspiring blog to introduce you to ! yay :)

Lauren Whillhite of Color Collective uses photography from designers , artists to curate amazing palettes of color . I think my favorite palettes are the ones which are curated using fashion photography. Fashion and color all in one place ... what more could a girl ask for ?! Enjoy .

Images via Color Collective

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free Printable - Birthday Card

A few weeks ago , my 5 y.o son was invited to go to a birthday party. We got the birthday gift all packed up ready to go a day earlier. But it was only an hour before the party that I realised , we didn't have a card for the birthday boy.

I could have stopped and picked up a card on the way. But, I decided to make one. Here it is.. it was quick, simple and colourful . It works well for both boys and girls. What do you think ?

So, I would like to SHARE  it with anyone who would like to use it . Its one less thing to think about before heading off to a birthday party ! It should work fine for A4 size and  8.5 x 11 paper. Cut along the dotted line and fold in the middle. Its A6 size when folded. Pop it into an envelope and you are on your way  :)

This is only  for your own personal use - as many times as you like ! As , always, please remember this file should not be used or reproduced for any commercial purpose :) Thanks for understanding !

P.S...this is the first time I have shared a file on my blog ... please let me know if it doesn't cooperate.