Monday, September 13, 2010

Holiday , holiday...

Now that I have given my blog a new look, I have been tweeting, Facebooking , my etsy shop has new stuff, my creative juices are flowing, I have new ideas for the upcoming holidays, working out a packaging look- the time has come ! Yes, I have earned it...its my time !
I am going away on a vacation !
So, thats the reason, I am posting this today.  We all love to take a break . Who doesn't like to get away from the everyday routine and travel ? But when is the right time ? Is there ever a right time for taking a break ?
While I am preparing and packing to leave, going over the various things to get done before I leave, my mind is going through a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, I am excited about the travel and on the other, I just want to create more ! Is that horrible of me ? My parents and in-laws are excitedly waiting for us. We will get to meet friends after  a long time. We will get to show our kids where we grew up and more . We also get to visit a new country and new culture.( Thats a whole different post)
If I were not on a break, I'd be working on new designs and more.Ooh I have all these new ideas that just need to spring to life !
But, I could still do that after I come back , right ?! My ideas will still be there, I probably will be more refreshed after seeing our families and friends. I may even translate all that into my designs. So, I probably should bag up all those other feelings and just enjoy while we are away. I might even be able to blog while I am away to give snippets of the trip. No guarantees there !! hehehe

Saturday, September 11, 2010


So, I gave in and joined the bandwagon and started a twitter account. I have yet to understand the force of twitter , as everyone tells me. Apparently it does wonders for businesses and social networking.
I saw something on the television a while ago, ( was it on Oprah?- dunno ) about how a bakery's sales skyrocketed just by tweeting ! SO, I am sure it does add to networking and people have experienced the benefits.

If anyone is interested, follow me :)  I have been tweeting for a short period of time. I'll get the hang of it , eventually.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Continuing on Spring's beauty..

We had a couple of rainy days last week. To add to our woes, I fell prey to my allergies caused by rain, which means sneezing attacks, cold, watery name it ! That meant, I had to stay indoors , which meant we cancelled on a weekend rendevous with our friends out at Sydney's Darling Harbor. To make matters worse, we were expected to have a wet rainy Sunday . Is this making you cry , dear reader ?! And you are probably wondering why my post is titled about the beauty of Spring ! Let me assure you, my misery ends on :) Every dark cloud has a silver lining !

So , we woke up to Sunday morning, with the sunshine pouring into our bedroom window...which left us wondering when the rain was supposed to didn't ! We had a glorious Sunday ..beautiful....I was feeling better ..( the wonders of antihistamines!) . I actually did three loads of laundry ..hung them out in our outdoor airer..WET SUNDAY ...pffttt !!

This time, I didn't have to go too far to take pretty pictures ( remember, I am not supposed to venture out much when I have my allergies !) ..Its all in my front yard and back yard ..kiddos and hubby enjoying the weather....check out the pretty flowers..I don't know their names yet...we moved into this house in Dec '09..and this is my first spring pardon my ignorance ! Did you have a nice weekend ?

Halloween Items in Store

Hello all :)
I cranked out the first of my Halloween Items in my shop. Did I mention, FREE SHIPPING ?? The first five buyers can avail of this opportunity :) Have you checked out these items ?? Prepare to be spooked !! well, not really....
What do you think ??

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Spring!

It has been getting nice and warm here in Sydney. Although today is a bit cloudy and dreary. Thats okay, I don't mind the ocassional rain if most days are sunny. Fall is my favorite season of the year. Period. But, it would be unfair to ignore the beauty that Spring has to offer. As we walk around our neighborhood, I spot Daisies and cherry blossoms among many other pretty flowers. The barren trees are starting to get tiny green leaves. Its beautiful to watch the transition. 
Sending warm thoughts to our friends in the northern hemisphere :) 

Here are some pictures I took as and when I could capture Spring at its best . Enjoy !