Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My exciting life !

Exciting because at the the end of the day, I am sketching and coloring it up and cutting it up :) Exciting because , I like the way it looks ..its important to love your own work, right ? If you don't, noone else will either ! Go figure !

Since last week, I have been on an overdrive, coming up with new holiday themes. I also introduced  mini note cards and gift tags in my shop. I think its shaping up rather well. I only wish, I could take better pictures ! I am trying really hard , guys !

On a personal front, we had a very interesting week. Each day started with loud tantrums from my son . He has learnt the fine art of asking for something by screaming for it . I guess its the same if he doesn't want something ,as well ! I have to master a VERY steep learning curve of how to handle these tantrums ( these are at a different level from the usual ones )

We took the kids to Lane Cove National Park on Sunday. The weather was glorious. The kids were suited up with life jackets when we went boating. Our daughter looked goofy in it ! The jacket was bigger than her...:) She is almost 21 months and couldn't quite make up her mind about the uncomfortable attire !
They loved the day out , especially Om, since he helped dad while boating, with the oars. Made his day !

Did you do something interesting ?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Amu featured :)

Check out Liga and Janis's blog - Filigreephotos . Its a lovely blog . Liga was kind enough to feature Amu and her feathery friend on her blog . This week, the theme was geometry. And well, Amu fit right in with the circles/ polka dots on her dress :)

Thank you Liga for featuring my work :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New stuff !

I got fed up of having to take my drawings to the printers and then waiting for 2 whole days for them to print 2 copies of 5 files. Printing service A had great quality paper ( acid free) but bad and slow turn around time , not to mention, average customer service. I guess lil old me is not as important as the big fancy corporate clients. Note to self and printing service A - if I hit big time and need bulk printing , do not go to printing service A  !  
Printing service B had good customer service and good turn around time,  but not the kind of paper I was looking for.
Yes, I am finicky about the paper I want . My husband thinks I am too picky . I agree .Case closed.

Anyway, he chided me for relying on others and thereby restricting my own flow of work. He got me thinking about printing from home - which meant all I needed was high quality ink and the paper I wanted. With a little bit of research (and hubby's help- read kick in the pants )  , I did both. I now own some fantastic museum grade quality , acid free paper with satin finish.

I have also kept my hands really busy , cutting up promotional handout material . With the amount of paper cutting that I have been doing in the past 2 days,  I am thinking of investing in a paper cutter. The intention is also to create some more interesting paper products....I have a few in mind...any suggestions ?

Apart from this, I did something very interesting yesterday, after a long time ...nothing related to all of the above!   I want to get pictures lined up before I talk about it...thats a whole different post ! Ciao !

Friday, August 13, 2010

Featured on a blog!

Let me be that kid who just rode her first bike ! Remember the excitement ?! I feel the same way today...I was in a feature by Cary on her blog .  Cary's shop is Cabootique on Etsy.

I'm thrilled because its my first time to be featured on a blog ( and  hopefully there will be more !) . Thank you, Cary.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Giveaway by the Twinery

Do you like Baker's Twine ? If you do, head on over to Le Papier Studio's blog . The lovely Vana,  is hosting a giveaway from The Twinery. Lovely colors to choose from :) See for yourself...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mila's daydreams

I came across this cute blog and want to share it with you . It is called Mila's Daydreams . You have to see it to believe how CUTE it is.  It showcases a new mother's hobby during her maternity leave. Adele imagines what her baby daughter, Mila's , daydreams must be.

My favorite one is the bookworm ! Isn't it adorable ?!

Hobbies like this put a smile on everyone's face, don't they ?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Featured in treasury ...

What a pleasant surprise it was to find my adorable Trusted Friend - Brachiosaurus print to be included in a treasury this morning. They have some other lovely finds as well. 

Its August and the sun seemed to be rise a bit early here this morning. That probably means spring is around the corner..yay ! I can't wait to find inspirations for spring themed sketches....but for the time being, I am working away on some other illustrations.... Father's day is in September here in Australia ...so I want to get something lined up for that.

I will share them very soon... 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Work in progress

Yesterday was a cold and dreary day here in Sydney. Inspired by the cold weather ( yes, that can happen too ! ) , I sketched up a new illustration.

I had already sketched Amu holding the soft toy/ doll ( not sure what the finished product will be ) a few weeks ago. I chose the setting for her yesterday ... I think she looks comfy on the inside when its so cold outside, what do you think ?