Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011

Hello everyone ! Hope everyone is having a great 2011 so far !
I wanted to share a few things with that I have found valuable in 2010 .

New year means  new ideas, new resolutions, new goals. A chance to start afresh. No, this post is not about MY goals - not yet anyway... maybe another time ...

I have had a blog longer than I have been on etsy . I have been on etsy longer than I have been twittering . Its safe to say that I am not much of a blogger . I will be the first to admit it.

But, I will also admit,  having a blog is a powerful tool . I may not blog that often, but I LOVE reading other people's blogs. I am getting to know some of the amazing people behind those amazing products. Its good to put a face with a name- as is  to do the same with the person who stands behind a product. A blog is a great way to know who is instrumental in making those products and what makes them so passionate about what they do.

Some blogs are not associated to online selling, but they are very  informative . I enjoy reading them for the sole purpose that they brighten up my day. I learn something new.For obvious reasons, I levitate towards ones that are associated with arts, colors , illustrations, jewelry... If I were big on knitting or sewing, well...thats a different story...and that's not happening anytime soon..

I want to share with you some of the really cool  folks and their blogs . Some blogs are really big in the blogging world, and they don't need an introduction.  Some have been around for a while and are making a difference. But there are some that are fairly new and are gaining momentum getting noticed.

I don't want to classify my favorites in any of the above . But, I read their blogs and follow their work because I find them interesting, creative and inspirational .

Many of them  have their crafty goals for this year on their blog . Its very uplifting... Have a read .. get inspired , create ...and have fun doing it  !

Alright, maybe I'll share one goal with you - thats to blog a bit more ...there, I've said it!

Without any further adieu ...in no particular order ..here are my favorites on the web ! Rock on, ladies ! 

                                                                     Mayi Carles

                                                                 Bridget Edwards 

                                                                      Vana Chupp

                                                                    Helena Tay



  1. Thanks so much! :) You don't need to blog often to love the blog world. ~ Laura (Moags) PS Just shared your post link over at Moags and Smeet.

  2. You are lovely dear:) Happy 2011, may it be filled with lots of drawings, colour and love.

  3. Thanks , ladies ! I wish you both the very best too !