Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carrot Cake

With my little boy in school , I am faced with the dilemma of what give for his lunch/ recess. I try to make it healthy , something that he will eat and he needs that extra pick-me- up, every once in a while. I gave him some sliced cucumbers one day for his snack. He bought it back home, thinking it was zucchini . He bought back water melon the other day , because his friend told him it would make him go to the bathroom a lot ! sheesh .. It irks me that have no control over these things ! Its funny too, but I'd like him to eat well when he is at school.

A sure fire winner is veggie/ fruit infused baked items . He has always loved banana bread . I try and give him different kinds of breads that he can eat for his snack . We have had good luck with zucchini bread earlier. This week's winner is Carrot Cake . I baked in a bread loaf pan . He had a bit for breakfast and announced that its his favorite food in the world :)

Image via allrecipes

I got this recipe from All recipes . We had it without the cream cheese frosting. Even so, it is one of the most moist breads that I have baked. Super soft and delicious. With carrots  in there, it makes me happy that it has a healthy touch to it ;-) He is happy because he loves it.

Sure enough, his box was empty yesterday :-)


  1. Awesome idea! I'll have to remember this in September when my little guy starts kindergarten. How do you manage not to eat the rest of the loaf? Thats always my problem with banana bread ;) I'm following from your post on the Etsy Forum, you can follow me back at www.pickfamilynonsense.blogspot.com if you want :)

  2. So cute! We love carrot cake. I'm inspired to bake one, now. :)

  3. Thank you for your comments :)
    It definitely is a good snack item for the kids.
    Who says I get to finish the loaf of bread ? Everyone seems to want it for breakfast as well !!