Saturday, January 15, 2011

The thing about color .. that it is beautiful . What would the world be without any color ? What attracts your eye to an object ? Is it the shape or size or color ? It probably is all of it ..but I'd think color plays a big role.

When I draw, I love it . I let the pencil guide me . I let it flow and talk to the paper. Once it talks to the paper, it talks to me. Does that sound creepy to you ? You should hear me say "talk to me" to a sketch if I am not satisfied with it !

But , seriously, does a chef not want his food to taste just right before he serves it to his customers ? Does a sculptor not finesse his sculpture to perfection before displaying it ? Does a coach not bellow instructions to his team till they actually win something ? You get my point.

Once I have translated whats in my heart to my brain to the paper and once the drawing talks to me, I am happy as a clam. Not because it talked to me ..well that maybe a bit...but the real reason I am happy  - it means I can COLOR !!
Image via PrissDesigns
I probably may have mentioned that I like color ... or maybe not. But, just so you know...

Most of the times,  I have already envisioned something in a particular color(s) I go for it and usually it makes me happy. Somedays, if I am feeling a bit blue ( pun unintended) , I can't get the creative juices flowing and its best I stay away from what I HAVE to color . Note that I said HAVE and not WANT .

At this point, I step back and  I go look for inspiration or many times, it finds me. It comes in the form of color - surprise , surprise . Color of the sky, color of a bird, colors on an outfit , colors of flowers name it. What would I do without color ?

This would be the right time to introduce you to a blog that I came across today . And I can't believe I didn't know about it until today ! -  Design Seeds   I think this will be my new source of inspiration for color . My go -to place for when I don't have it in me ...  Most definitely . It has the most amazing array of color palettes , beautifully curated . Don't you agree ??

What inspires you ? The one thing that helps you unleash all that creativity ... I'd love to hear about it . 


  1. design seeds is lovely - thanks so much for sharing the link so that i could discover it. :)

  2. oh yes the site is lovely. The one thing I need when I'm drawing is music and plenty of light. Put me in a room with plenty of light and large windows and I'll be a happy drawer:)

  3. Music +light = awesome ! Thanks for stopping by , Helena .

  4. Super excited about design seeds! I'd never heard of them before and sometimes I pop over to Colour Lovers if I'm really stuck for color ideas, but design seeds is even better! Thanks for sharing!

    People inspire me, how they sit, what they wear, facial expressions.

  5. will have to look up colour lovers.thanks for sharing .

  6. Love design seeds color palettes! Thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing well. :)

  7. Its gorgeous isn't it ? I am doing good, elisa . Hope you are well too :)