Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time for a break

Clearly I have been on a break much before this post ! There is good reason for that..and not just the fact that I have injured my back last weekend. Ouch !  Positive news -  morphine = good !!

Doesn't take much to lure me to the dark side , does it ?! ..muahahahaha ...This evil laughter is also celebrating the return of the dark forces this week ..Harry Potter ! oh yay ..I can hardly contain myself . I'll be eagerly waiting & hoping my back heals soon, coz I have plans, baby ! Plans to see the Dark Lord.. !

Well back to what I was originally talking about !

I am taking this time to ponder over what direction I want to take my micro biz and my blog in . I have been giving it some thought over the last couple of months . Before I continue any further, I really need to assess my values and what is it that drove me in this little venture, in the first place.

I will be back with some new ideas and plans. I promise to keep everyone in the loop . But, in the meantime, I am always available via twitter and email .

Take care !

I should have mentioned earlier that my experience with morphine was just a one time deal at the hospital. The painkillers that I am taking now enable the body's enzymes to convert into morphine..(or something to that effect ).
In my experience, it does not have the same effect as a shot of morphine !!! hehehe

Image credit : leaves of change via nelou