Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Queensland Flood Appeal

As I write this post , from the comfort of my home, there are countless people in Queensland, who have no home to sleep in tonight. They don't know if their homes exist at all due to the floods. Images of people wading through the waters carrying whatever they can, sitting on rooftops waiting for help , cars being washed away, are on my mind - as is on others .

Image via The Globe and Mail 

I would like to do my bit to help out , by donating a percentage of my sales to the flood appeal. 15% of sales profits made from January 12th 2011 thru January 31st 2011,  will be donated to the Flood appeal. I would appreciate it very much,  if you could spread the word , by grabbing the image below.

Alternatively, if you would like to make a donation please do so through the QLD government website  or Etsians Australian Flood-Appeal . I will add more links as I come across them . If anyone would like me to add their links for the QLD flood appeal , please feel free to  contact me