Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 26

Earlier this week I shared with you a few blogs, that I definitely stop by to read up for various reasons. I also mentioned that I wanted to blog more often.

Its not that I don't like to write. I procrastinate. I just don't get around to doing it. So, this year, I am aiming for project 26 . This is an idea that I borrowed from Alycia over at The Curious Pug  . She has embarked on project 52  .  52 weeks of photography. Once a week .

Now, I am taking baby steps here...sooooo ... I will aim for blogging 26 times this year.. Bi- weekly is doable , even for me ! I think.

So , thats  2 posts a month , anything above that is just gravy . I don't want to run out of steam and topics to post on and have the Project 26 die even before I reach half way.

Apparently consistency is key, so if I consistently blog twice a month, I will stay motivated.

Of course, I am always available for chit chat over on Facebook and Twitter :)

so, the question is - have I already completed my quota of 2 posts for January ?? I blogged twice this week !  I am a tease, aren't I ...? Or someone simply looking for an easy way out !

anyway, does anyone know how the first week of 2011, just flew by us , already ? Keep up with it, everyone :))
Until next time :)


  1. hehe don't worry about completing your quota. you can do whatever you want on your blog. i already have a pic ready for next fridays post. shhh! :)

  2. thats a good point ! ;-)
    will check out your pic . thanks for stopping by, alycia !

  3. I'm rooting for you! I know you can do it! Look forward to your posts and latest creations. :)

  4. Thank you elisa , I appreciate the encouragement :)