Monday, January 31, 2011

Parenting a business

As a mother, there is no point during the day that I actually stop thinking about my kids.  Between my 2 kids, aged 5 and 2 , I go through a whole range of emotions sun up to sun down. Concern, love, pride, joy, patience, impatience, restlessness, fear , patience, impatience, doubts, more love, astonishment, patience, impatience .. the list goes on. Every mother can relate to this one way or another. 

Raising a child is no joke, its a responsibility and a big one at that too. Children depend on you for love, protection, nourishment - their future. No one said it would be easy. But in all of this, when your 5 year old hugs you , and says you are the best, you know its gonna be alright.

Starting a business is the same, in my opinion. It is your baby. You create something out of NOTHING ..isn't that amazing ? You do everything to grow it. You make choices to take it to the next level.  It doesn't always go according to plan . There are mistakes made, lessons learnt. There are creativity blocks, then there are creativity bursts . There is finance to think about.

But, whoever said that running a business was easy ? It is the same range of emotions - as a parent for a child - that go through you when you start it - fear, joy, anguish, concern, pride , doubts , patience, impatience, love ... I am sure the more experienced  folks feel the same - maybe at a different level for different issues. (Feel free to chime in here.. !)

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This is the best analogy I could come up with for anyone out there who is thinking about starting a business or is new to it. Know that it is something you will think about incessantly. Know that it is not an easy peasy road. Know that it takes a lot of hard work . More importantly, know that it requires a lot patience....just like parenting !

Parenting and my fledgling business are close to my heart.....

The more you invest in quality time with your children, the more dividends you will get, in terms of their welfare and happiness as a family .

The more you invest in  your creative biz , be it monetarily or creatively or both, you will see it grow and prosper.

The more you love your children, they will love you right back .

The more you love what you do, it will love you right back -or at least slowly ? Thats what I have been told, thats what I see around me in other people's ventures , and thats what I believe in . I am still learning everyday.

As a new business or one that is trying to take it to the next level, what are your thoughts ? What do you feel is the best way to keep motivated and focussed on your goals ?


  1. An excellent analogy Lakshmi - and oh, so true!

    I've been in micro-biz now for about 8 years, and am taking a semi-sabbatical from it this year(if only we could take a year off from our kids to recharge our OWN batteries sometimes!?)

    I haven't achieved great heights of success - and in reality don't know that I ever will - but I still love what I do (just as much as I love my kids - teenage-tantrums and small-boy-craziness, and all).

    My motivation comes from the flexibility that my biz gives me. It allows me to work around my kids - work while they are at school or in bed. Then I can down tools when they are home. Play crazy games, help with homework and just be 'with' them. They grow up far too quickly - and while we want out biz to flourish, we don't want to miss out on our kids growing up...

    Every success with your biz, Lakshmi. I hope it grows to all you dream of and more.

  2. I really enjoyed reading that post - good luck in all that you do. ~Laura (Moags)

  3. Tasha, thanks for your lovely comments and for telling me a bit about yourself. I loved reading your comment. I am so happy that my post resonated with you. Kids are definitely no.1 priority. Biz is such a creative outlet. There are so many changes in my life at the moment, that its hard to give up on anything that I am doing. I have put a little bit of myself in everything !
    I know ,as a mother, you can relate to it. Good luck to you , as well . Enjoy your kids and your biz. If we don't enjoy it , what is the point of it all ?!
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Laura,as always, thanks for cheering on :) I always appreciate your visits !