Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A little bit about me

I promise I won't make this a self glorified post .. It has nothing to do with art, color, my shop. I want to share a quirk or two about myself. All in good humor...coz I can laugh about it too ...

1 ) I don't like the heat . That may seem odd , since I come from a country that has pretty brutal summers . But I never have liked it and I don't think I will in the future. I am happy so long as the temperatures do not rise above 30 deg cel ..! Yea, wishful thinking ! Today on Australia Day, I was scorched ! The heat beat down on me ..and I drip sweat..yeah not a pretty picture.. You'd think I ran a marathon . No, its just me wilting away ... melting like butter.
People around me at Hyde Park looked fresh as tulips and here I am , trying to look cool ... hard to do when all i wanted to do was jump into a pool.

2) I like Ice creams - but I have terrible allergies - eating cold stuff just sets off my sneezing attacks and I l    look like I have been crying. So, most days, I have to avoid eating them... I just watch others eat them...and imagine how delish and cool it must be... such as today - people all around me were hogging ice creams in the heat and I just sat there .. without an ice cream trying to beat the heat !
Image via stoopidgerl

3) I have always wanted to take a nap in the park in the shade - don't ask me why ..but its just one of those things. I did it - today ! We got to the park and found a nice shady spot under a tree. The kids wanted to go on the slide my husband took them . It was one of those magical moments.. nice shady spot, no kids, no husband, strangers around ignoring me , cool breeze just whiffed by ..I lay down on the picnic blanket and fell asleep ! It must've been a good fifteen minute nap at least..until I was rudely woken up by my phone ringing... oh well, it was heavenly while it lasted !

Hope you guys found a good way to beat the scorching heat today and had a good Australia Day. I'd love to hear quirky stuff about yourselves ....:) 


  1. This is such a sweet little post about you :) I don't like the heat if it's humid. In Maine, where I live (USA), we get really hot and humid summers. They are short, only June, July and August, but it's really hot! I spent some time in California, all the way across the country, and the heat was really hot there, too. Technically the temperatures were higher than what they get in Maine, but to me, they were so much bearable because it was dry heat.
    Nice blog :)

  2. Hi Sofi , Thank you for stopping by . I love reading comments. I didn't mind the summers in Madison, WI , when I lived in the U.S . It was dry heat and that suits me much like you .
    I cannot handle hot and humid,too! ugh ! But thats what I have had in Mumbai, India and now in Sydney! I guess I just have to hit the pool more often :)

  3. :) Thanks for sharing. I also like a good shady tree but am a litle too paranoid for snoozing (would dream of snakes and spiders!).

  4. You know, snakes and spiders creep me out too...but thats a post for another day !

  5. The worst heat I ever encountered was in Thailand. Heavy, hot and humid. So heavy that I felt like I are walking in slow motion. But I did have a wonderful visit despite!

    Hope you find ways to stay cool. Too bad you can't eat ice cream. So glad that you finally got your nap in the shade. It must have been wonderful! Wishing you many more. :)

  6. Slow motion - yes, I can relate to that ! Thailand sounds amazing .. Note to self - Visit thailand when it is not hot :)