Monday, September 6, 2010

Continuing on Spring's beauty..

We had a couple of rainy days last week. To add to our woes, I fell prey to my allergies caused by rain, which means sneezing attacks, cold, watery name it ! That meant, I had to stay indoors , which meant we cancelled on a weekend rendevous with our friends out at Sydney's Darling Harbor. To make matters worse, we were expected to have a wet rainy Sunday . Is this making you cry , dear reader ?! And you are probably wondering why my post is titled about the beauty of Spring ! Let me assure you, my misery ends on :) Every dark cloud has a silver lining !

So , we woke up to Sunday morning, with the sunshine pouring into our bedroom window...which left us wondering when the rain was supposed to didn't ! We had a glorious Sunday ..beautiful....I was feeling better ..( the wonders of antihistamines!) . I actually did three loads of laundry ..hung them out in our outdoor airer..WET SUNDAY ...pffttt !!

This time, I didn't have to go too far to take pretty pictures ( remember, I am not supposed to venture out much when I have my allergies !) ..Its all in my front yard and back yard ..kiddos and hubby enjoying the weather....check out the pretty flowers..I don't know their names yet...we moved into this house in Dec '09..and this is my first spring pardon my ignorance ! Did you have a nice weekend ?

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