Monday, September 13, 2010

Holiday , holiday...

Now that I have given my blog a new look, I have been tweeting, Facebooking , my etsy shop has new stuff, my creative juices are flowing, I have new ideas for the upcoming holidays, working out a packaging look- the time has come ! Yes, I have earned it...its my time !
I am going away on a vacation !
So, thats the reason, I am posting this today.  We all love to take a break . Who doesn't like to get away from the everyday routine and travel ? But when is the right time ? Is there ever a right time for taking a break ?
While I am preparing and packing to leave, going over the various things to get done before I leave, my mind is going through a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, I am excited about the travel and on the other, I just want to create more ! Is that horrible of me ? My parents and in-laws are excitedly waiting for us. We will get to meet friends after  a long time. We will get to show our kids where we grew up and more . We also get to visit a new country and new culture.( Thats a whole different post)
If I were not on a break, I'd be working on new designs and more.Ooh I have all these new ideas that just need to spring to life !
But, I could still do that after I come back , right ?! My ideas will still be there, I probably will be more refreshed after seeing our families and friends. I may even translate all that into my designs. So, I probably should bag up all those other feelings and just enjoy while we are away. I might even be able to blog while I am away to give snippets of the trip. No guarantees there !! hehehe


  1. Wow, you store is full of wonderful creations. Have a great time on your vacation!

  2. thank you :) we are having a great time ! Will definitley do a post on our vacation once I return.