Monday, March 15, 2010

soap anyone ?

So I created something on friday night. SOAP ! I had ordered supplies at least 4-5 weeks ago . I was itching to start making it. But I didn't. I promised myself I wouldn't start a new project until I finished my sister's painting . So yes, I finished the painting for my sister - signed and dated on thursday night!

So Friday night, I fished out my M&P goats milk base and whipped up few bars of soap with lavender oil and rose germanium oil. I was happy with the outcome for the first try. One soap clearly proved I was a novice at soap making . It was supposed to be a layered bar, but it didn't stay that way !

Anyway, the real reason for trying soap making - my son. My little boy was fascinated with the works of art done in soap by the incredibly talented people on Etsy. And ever so innocently asked me if I could make soap for him. How could I deny him this without trying it out first ?So, I started researching and reading hundreds of how to's about soap making . Also, since I had been scouring these websites , I learnt goat's milk was good for the skin. My son has extremely sensitive skin apart from dermatitis. So , that was reason alone to at least try it out.

Back to the present, he tried the soap, he loves it. He picked out a soap for his sister and now bath time, is so much more fun (as if it wasn't fun earlier !) , simply because he loves his soap. I plan on making more soap with the rest of the base over this week sometime. Baking bread, making soap - all this is fueling the creativity for my doodling. Today I picked up some blank coasters (MDF) (read MDF blank rectangle canvases ) and I am hoping to do some outlandish designs on them . I plan to put them in our family room which is slowly becoming my hubby's and my spare dining room while we watch some favorite tv shows after the kids are in bed ...tsk tsk tsk...

Before I conclude, anyone remotely interested in soapmaking I have to give a shout out to this incredible story on ETSY :

Happy Soaping everyone !

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  1. Would you please post your sister's painting ?? Btw Great Soaps !!!