Wednesday, March 24, 2010

family ties

I usually try to post something every monday. But today I am posting late wednesday night. I blame this on my sister and husband ! Yes, they are responsible for tearing me away from my blogging and facebooking to partying all week long.  My brother in law gives me too much grief about me being addicted to facebook. Now, status updates once a week is hardly an addiction, I argue !

Before I delve into what we argue about, let me slow down and say this - my sister and brother-in- law are visiting us . Welcome to Australia, folks:)

So, anyway, the past couple of days, we have been having too much fun and eating way too much ! Too much chocolate at Max Brenner and at home and everywhere else. We hung out over the weekend at The Entrance at Central Coast, NSW . Bummed around on the beach , soaked up a lot of sun , watched hindi movies and ate too much. I highly recommend Wednesday and Rann . Its been a while since we saw some good hindi movies. Although these movies have been around for a while, anyone looking for a good Hindi movie , these are worth a watch. Did I mention we ate a lot ?

We took a lot of pictures as well - actually my sister did.  I should probably slow down a bit more - I have 2 sisters. This one is not the one for whom I did the painting. Its for her twin. Although she will be delivering the painting to her ! I have also earned another commission for a painting from my visiting sister and brother in law :))  The concept is deep ..but so is my brother in law ;-) We will miss you guys ! They leave this weekend :(

So thats what kept me busy in the family front. Other than that, I am starting to get back to keeping my hands busy . I am working on a banner for my business and trying to think of  packaging. I am probably getting ahead of myself before I have actual products to sell (!) ...but I want to give some thought to recycled packaging. At the moment, I am leaning towards newspapers and magazines. I think customers appreciate handmade products as well as eco-friendly packaging. And don't we have enough of packaging already that comes with toys ?! Good heavens, I almost need pliers and other tools to pry out the toy from the packaging. The toy is tiny and insignificant by the time the packaging comes off !

I know I haven't talked about what my products/artwork will be . I keep talking about sketching and doodling without giving away what I am doing. But, I am very superstitious when it comes to talking about something before it actually takes form. In fact, my 'visiting' sister and hubby are the only ones in my family who even know this blog exists , since its work in progress ! So,once I perfect what I am working on, I will talk about them !

I love this sums up what I am feeling these days... Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” 

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