Thursday, April 1, 2010

Paper, plastic OR cloth ?

Over the weekend, we attended a carnivale in our neighborhood . They had the usual slides ,rides,  food and the various booths for local businesses. As usual, I went snooping around checking out the handmade products . There were people selling jewellery , cards , bags - all handmade. I am a bag hounder ! I love bags , especially cloth and jute bags. I got to talking to one of the sellers and she walked me through her collection. One of the bags, she said she made it the night before . Now I can't stitch/sew to save my life, so I am in complete awe of people who stitch/sew stuff up in one night. I wish I had taken pictures of her works  . One of her bags was made out of re cycled curtains ! How eco - cool is that ?!

When we go to the supermarket, we have choices - paper, plastic-  or cloth.  Please spare a thought for the environment and choose paper or better yet cloth bags. It's important to make that choice. I know in this day and age, when plastic products make our lives so much easier, they are here to stay -  not necessarily in a good way. Somedays, we do need plastic bags, for the garbage and other needs. Ever taken a look at the bag which stores all your plastic bags ? Maybe there's too many of them there, maybe its time to recycle the bags - at your local grocery store. Many grocery stores give us that option - so please take it up .

On a more fashionable note, I'd like you check out some cool bags ...Who says being eco friendly compromises on style  ?

Our Gardens Bag made with vintage linen by ThongbaiTatong   



                                                    Forsythia Tote Bag by cicadastudio


 Simply Tote Bag by bayanhippo


                                            The Jenni Tote by Julip Bags


Its not just being friendly to the environment, its fashion, darling !! 


  1. This is a great post, Lakshmi. I love your pholosophy of being environmental freindly. I agree with you completely that cloth bags can be stylish as well!! Thanks so much for featuring my bag here.

  2. In Northern Ireland, a lot of shops charge for plastic bags and it means I now have a fab range of fabric bags, some handmade by me, some purchased. I don't need an excuse for such purchases, but it's always nice to at least pretend I have a valid reason

  3. You are right. They should charge for plastic bags. That way , people will be encouraged to use their own bags . I checked out your shop, and your bags a pretty ! Good luck to you.

  4. Just a note that the process of recycling plastic bags as they do in many grocery stores is highly toxic. It is probably better than making new ones because that is also highly toxic, but it is better to just re-use what is available. Cloth is an excellent option. I use any plastic bags that I have for my garbage and don't buy large garbage bags. I don't create much garbage so it isn't an issue of size, plus it doesn't get stinky because it goes out quickly. I think it would take my family to fill a large garbage bag. I should see how fast I fill up a grocery bag... hmmmm...

    The local small grocer that is sort of a health food store as well actually re-uses grocery bags that are brought to them and they do the same with egg cartons as they get their eggs (from a local farm) in flats. You have to put them into the carton yourself and they have stacks that people bring in when they get their groceries. When I moved here ten years ago people thought it was a novelty, now it is the norm here. The larger stores have caught on and are starting to do it as well. Reduce, Re-use... and then Recycle... that is the healthiest order. :)

    I commend you for switching over to cloth, it really does make a HUGE difference.

  5. Andrea,
    Thank you for leaving thought provoking comment . It is important to be aware of what and HOW MUCH we dump in the garbage. We as, a household , are trying to make sure we don't pile up the garbage. Its amazing how we forget leftovers in the fridge and how that ends up in garbage - something that we are working very hard to avoid. Reduce, re-use and recycle ... I like the order.