Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Giveaway Time!

Off late I found myself in a creative rut . Nothing could shake it off. Its one of those times that calls for drastic measures and taking a step back and letting it go . I knew it would come back to me - just not sure how .

It did . And, boy, am I glad it did. Like any mother, I take tons of pictures of my kids . I ended up taking some really beautiful shots.  They were inspiration enough. I found myself working on silhouettes of my kids. It is such a beautiful way of capturing images and so artistic.  I have always loved silhouettes. But, I like color in them .

Have you figured out what has been the result of this ? Yes, colorful silhouettes have been the outcome. I am rather liking the look . No, I am loving the look !!! Super - duper excited !!

I have a few in the shop , and I am working on a few more. But , I want more ideas to work with. I need a third perspective. I need another impetus to this creative experiment.  So thats why I am turning to you for help .

You can see some of the newest silhouettes below that will be making their way to the shop .

So, what do you think ? Yay, nay ?

If you think yay  , then have I got a treat for you ... I would like to add more to my colorful silhouette collection . Do you see where I am going with this ?

W h a t    d o    I    n e e d    f r o m    y o u ?

Photographs , of course ! Kids, spouses, You, you with your spouse , you with your kids, friends, pets , trees - whatever you would like . I am hoping to add more sparkle to the new collection with these images. So give me something that tingles my creative soul . Give me something shiny, baby ! I want to be in a position where I don't want to go to bed until I finish drawing and deliver the magic that your silhouette deserves.

When I clicked these pictures, I wasn't thinking of creating silhouettes .. But if I did..these are few things I would keep in mind ..

1)  take pictures at eye level . Experiment with close ups or full length .

2)  take pictures with interesting poses or props - something fun for kids/ babies..(I am really itching to draw a superhero , ballerina!! ) Capture them in their most natural moment and element and at play. It brings out the best in them . Or if the kids are really good at posing, you won't have any issues !

Interesting outfits for kids is always fun as I like to color up the outfits too . So , this might be a good chance to get your kids to pose in dress ups. I am not going to hold back on color palettes . I will work with the colors in the photographs ,  and experiment with the look of the silhouette. So, if you are up for colorful silhouette experimentation , this is for you .

3)  Grown up kids - listen up !! I am looking to create silhouettes of families 'in' a 'story'- by that I hope to create a silhouette which can tell a story about you . I also would love to see couples on boats , or with architectural landmarks in the background ( Hey, I gotta feed something to the architect screaming inside me !) . Maybe get a couple of pictures of recent graduates jumping up ... have I given you enough to work with ?
Maybe try different permutations and combinations of all of the above .. why not ?

4)  email the pictures ( 2 per submission , no more than 1 MB each ) to

5)  I'd appreciate the support if you spread the word !!

W h a t ' s    i n    i t    f o r    y o u   ?

This is the juicy part . You didn't think this was a giveaway for me, did you ?

I will pick 5 images- yes FIVE winners - to draw up and the each of the winners will get an 8 x 10 print FREE !!! Does that sound enticing ? I sure hope so...

This trade in /giveaway closes next Friday - June 4th , AEST . (That's Australian Eastern Standard time )

So, are you in ? Come , lets create some magic together !


  1. These look great - perfect idea! :) I will share the word on CU tomorrow and see what pictures I may have for you to play with this weekend. ~Laura (Moags)

  2. Sounds great , Laura ! I look forward to the pictures.