Sunday, November 7, 2010

Its been a while ...

Dear Blog,

Forgive me for ignoring you over the last couple of weeks. I have been using you to simply post news about my works in progress. I could have been posting interesting news about my travel ( over a month ago!) , or the weather here in Sydney , write about other fantastic handmade products etc.
But instead, I chose to let you hang out there by yourself. Forgive me for that.
Let me make it up to you . I will add a little sparkle to this post , what better way to do it than discussing Diwali .

Happy Diwali everyone !! We had a lovely time celebrating Diwali . Well, at least the best that we can do outside of India. I took a little bit of extra interest because I wanted my kids to be involved in it. They love festivities and all that goes along with it. I am hoping I can educate them about their Indian heritage through the numerous festivals.

So, for the last couple of days, we lit tea lights outside our house in the front and back entrances. The kids loved it ! They even helped me sweep the porch in the back. I had a broom , my son used a rake and my daughter used a pastry brush ! Yes, a pastry brush . She uses it to clean everything in sight !

My son decided we should arrange the tea lights in a circle . I did have to contain them a bit ! Given that, we do have to be safe when I lit the tea lights.


I prepared a few sweet dishes, which they happily devoured . We met up with some friends for a lunch today. The lunch was a traditional Gujrati meal ..and man, did we pig out ! I practically had a food coma ! We came home, and I walked straight into the bedroom to take a nap ! Left my hubby and kids to fend for themselves! Not that they missed me , because, they watched cartoons !

Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali  !!!


  1. Happy (belated) Diwali! We had the pleasure of celebrating with friends last year - my very first Diwali and it was a great introduction to something new. :)

  2. Thank you ! It is a fun festival. Its Christmas for Indians . I am glad you got to experience it.