Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My exciting life !

Exciting because at the the end of the day, I am sketching and coloring it up and cutting it up :) Exciting because , I like the way it looks ..its important to love your own work, right ? If you don't, noone else will either ! Go figure !

Since last week, I have been on an overdrive, coming up with new holiday themes. I also introduced  mini note cards and gift tags in my shop. I think its shaping up rather well. I only wish, I could take better pictures ! I am trying really hard , guys !

On a personal front, we had a very interesting week. Each day started with loud tantrums from my son . He has learnt the fine art of asking for something by screaming for it . I guess its the same if he doesn't want something ,as well ! I have to master a VERY steep learning curve of how to handle these tantrums ( these are at a different level from the usual ones )

We took the kids to Lane Cove National Park on Sunday. The weather was glorious. The kids were suited up with life jackets when we went boating. Our daughter looked goofy in it ! The jacket was bigger than her...:) She is almost 21 months and couldn't quite make up her mind about the uncomfortable attire !
They loved the day out , especially Om, since he helped dad while boating, with the oars. Made his day !

Did you do something interesting ?

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