Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New stuff !

I got fed up of having to take my drawings to the printers and then waiting for 2 whole days for them to print 2 copies of 5 files. Printing service A had great quality paper ( acid free) but bad and slow turn around time , not to mention, average customer service. I guess lil old me is not as important as the big fancy corporate clients. Note to self and printing service A - if I hit big time and need bulk printing , do not go to printing service A  !  
Printing service B had good customer service and good turn around time,  but not the kind of paper I was looking for.
Yes, I am finicky about the paper I want . My husband thinks I am too picky . I agree .Case closed.

Anyway, he chided me for relying on others and thereby restricting my own flow of work. He got me thinking about printing from home - which meant all I needed was high quality ink and the paper I wanted. With a little bit of research (and hubby's help- read kick in the pants )  , I did both. I now own some fantastic museum grade quality , acid free paper with satin finish.

I have also kept my hands really busy , cutting up promotional handout material . With the amount of paper cutting that I have been doing in the past 2 days,  I am thinking of investing in a paper cutter. The intention is also to create some more interesting paper products....I have a few in mind...any suggestions ?

Apart from this, I did something very interesting yesterday, after a long time ...nothing related to all of the above!   I want to get pictures lined up before I talk about it...thats a whole different post ! Ciao !

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