Tuesday, March 2, 2010

where and how do I begin ?

My first post on doodlekreations - a little bit of me, a little bit of the ones near and dear to me. That's what I hope I can achieve. Much as I spend my day enjoy being a mommy to a energetic 4 year old boy and a spunky 15month old girl, I wonder how things have changed for me over the last couple of years .

A typical day begins with our little girl waking and demanding milk at the crack of dawn and from then on we are all on the 5th gear. Quiet time allows me to check the email , facebook ( I FB a LOT!) and etsy. My favorite time is when the little munchkins hit the sack and I get 'me time' and 'our' time with my hubby. Off late I have been painting again. I took up the brush and paint after a hiatus - now that our baby sleeps better (thank god !) . I get a good 2-3 hours at night to doodle and paint.

My latest project is a painting for my sister . We have been talking about this since June' 09. Yes, it is well overdue ! Well anyway, my point is, I am thoroughly enjoying creating this for my sister and brother-in-law. I hope they will enjoy it in their home. She was specific about what she wanted.. one painting split into 4 canvases , warm colors and white flowers ! Well, its taking shape and I will post a picture once it is done.

What I hope to actually do is doodle more. I hope to create something that is special to me. Like my husband said once, " When you draw for yourself, thats when your drawings are so full of life". I hope I can unleash all that creativity. I get so inspired and humbled when I see works by all the talented people out there... have you checked out etsy ?

On their Quit your dayjob series, this week is featured a woman named Vana, who is an architect and now has her own business doing what she does best- creating. Check this out http://www.etsy.com/storque/spotlight/quit-your-day-job-lepapierstudio-7167/

A true inspiration for an architect like me who has been wondering how best to utilize my skills while I am at home with my kids.

So, anyway this post is in honor of all the artists out there - people who create something out of nothing, who persevere and create wonders and make it look so easy. Here's hoping I learn from you and muster up the courage to be able to show my work soon.

Take care, people.

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