Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day !

I've finally won the battle against my allergies and asthma. I wasn't completely down and out. But it was enough to wear me out during the day and the end of the day. I honestly couldn't bring myself to blog , draw , communicate , breathe .. yeah, the last one kind of was the most difficult !

Anyway, now that I'm feeling better, Happy Mother's Day everyone !

via OMHG

My husband made me breakfast and now he's making dinner for me. Kids were very behaved. The weather was gorgeous today . I managed to squeeze in a workout . Life is good for this mom :)

On that note, I'd like to share a few interesting posts with you . In the spirit of Mother's Day , some of the posts are related to moms and running a business , of course :)

On OMHG -    The Fine Art of Mothering & Business  &   A Manifesto for Motherhood

On The Mogul Mom -     Blogging your Brand

On The Merriweather Council   - 5 Things That Make a Big Difference to Your Shop

Happy Reading and Happy Mother's Day  !


  1. Thanks for linking to the Motherhood Manifesto I did for OMHG! I hope you have had a great Mother's Day and got a nice rest and relaxation. Off to check out those links they sound great, thank you!

  2. You are welcome , Isa. Enjoy the links.

  3. Yikes, sounds like your asthma and allergies were a big obstacle! Glad to hear you're feeling better. And I second the love for Danielle (merriweathercouncil)'s blog .. love it! :D

  4. Hi April , yep, Allergies + Asthma = BAD combo !
    Thanks for stopping by , April.