Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chocolates & Easter

My name is Lakshmi and I am a chocoholic. There, its out in the open and I am dealing with it. How so , you ask ?

By combining my love for chocolates with Easter, I am venting all of the craving into my illustrations . Its the best way to avoid over eating them . Its non fattening, its a good place to imagine all the chocolate in different forms , it doesn't make its way to my waistline .

(Confession : Having said all of the above, Sunday morning , we had Chocolate pancakes with chocolates syrup- made from scratch, by yours truly. )

Since I love chocolates so much, I love drawing them up . I am not limited to chocolates , mind you . I love sweet stuff . So, this post is all about sweetness .

The chocolate hot cross bun greeting is already in the shop, by the way . The others will be joining the hot cross bun real soon. 

I drew up the Easter bunny on the weekend ..and by the way, the bunny is a chocolate bunny . Would I have it any other way ?

The macaroons or macarons have manifested here simply because we had them a few weeks ago. It was the first time my son ate them . He declared they were yummy . ( Junior chocoholic in the making ) This one deserves a post by itself , I think ..but here is a sneak peek . There's more where that came from ...

And so continues, my love for food and drawing up food .. so help me god !

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  1. Admittance is the first step towards self help. :)